Zzimba games


We are an edutainment company – we exist to educate and entertain through our products and services. We shall attempt to achieve this through a multi-sensory experience. The trade face of the business is ZZIMBA GAMES which is the trademark property of AIDUK group limited.  The name ZZIMBA originates from a Ganda and Bantu (one of Africa’s largest ethnic groups) verb ‘Kuziimba’ meaning ‘to build’ and while the name AIDUK stems from Iteso (one of Africa’s other ethnic groups – Nilotics) also meaning to build. It’s our every intention that all the products and services we put out for the Ugandan market and beyond have the underlying meaning passionately living through each one of them.

Project URL: https://www.zzimbagames.com/

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