Whisk n Wine


Whisk N Wine is the first ever fully and legally registered corporate online dating company in Uganda connecting singles all around the world. We attract the finest caliber of clients including the corporate and business men.
Are you in the Diaspora and would like to connect with Ugandans back home?
Are you too busy working that you don’t have much time to go out and meet new people?
You probably don’t have company to go out with.
You may have time and company but you just don’t meet the right people
Could it be that you have tried to look out there but you are too shy to approach somebody directly?
You have tried the Gym but everybody seems to have a ring on their finger.
It could also simply be that you haven’t been lucky yet!
Whisk n Wine has provided the platform for you to meet other singles. Who knows? You could meet your next dating partner here.

Project URL: http://www.whisknwine.com/

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