APITECH Limited is a premier specialist technical solutions provider offering independent, Non-destructive testing (NDT), American Petroleum institute (API) Inspections, assets’ risk based inspections and associated engineering services cutting across diverse industrial sectors.

Industry urge to meet safety and compliance requirements have become pertinent to acceptable corporate behaviour. This coupled with increasing assets’ reliability and availability requirements, integration of inspection techniques that help asset owners and operators to achieve this has become focal to various companies.

Our experience in testing, inspection and analysis with extensive knowledge of international standards requirements helps asset owners to maximize their plants’ up time by minimising downtime with reliable inspection techniques and approaches.

APITECH Limited relies on our highly skilled certified personnel with international certification bodies. We have experience, equipment/tooling and know-how to deliver high-quality testing, inspection and associated engineering services to your plant facility.

Project URL: http://www.apitechnical.co.ug

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