Hostalite to develop a mobile app and a directory for the NTF

The bible says, it’s more blessed to give than to receive. This is one secret that many of us seem not to be aware of. As a people of Africa, we have been on the receiving end for a lifetime from the west. And we seem to be comfortable about it.  As a result, we have missed out on the blessings that come from giving.

At Hostalite, a leading website design, hosting and domain name registration company in Uganda and East Africa, it is part of our budget to give back especially to our community. This year, when we had of a chance of giving, we ran to offer that which we have. We designed a website for the recently concluded International ICT & BPO conference that took place at Serena Hotel Kampala. The Conference was organized by Uganda Business Process Outsourcing Association of Uganda (UBPOA). It’s an annual International outsourcing forum that usually takes place in September. Most notably, the association has a memorandum of understanding with NASSCOM (India’s private sector association under which there is an exchange of delegations to their respective events). Hostalite is a proud member.

As we write this, we have the delight to share with you the fruits of giving. When the conference partners from the international Trade Centre got to know that Hostalite had offered the conference a free website, and the cameras were pulled out to look for us.  We had a great meet-up with the team as Hostalite.

It was during the meet-up that they opened up about funding and Africa. According to them, they had not seen funding leaving Africa; it was always flowing to Africa. It was amazing that an African company was this time round willing to sponsor a website as part of their CSR that they (I.T.C) would have rather funded.

The NTF III Uganda project seeks to create and support jobs in the IT&ITES sector by enhancing its export competitiveness, leading to increased export revenues for SMEs. Direct beneficiaries include 30 selected IT and ITES enterprises, as well as three industry associations: the National Information Technology Authority of Uganda (NITA-U), the ICT Association of Uganda (ICTAU), and the Ugandan Business Process Outsourcing Association (UBPOA).

In order to overcome the identified needs and achieve the envisaged outcome, the project aims to generate the following outputs:

  • Validated export plan for the IT&ITES sector in place.
  • Export capacity of IT&ITES SMEs increased.
  • Export capacity of IT&ITES SMEs increased.
  • Capacity of TSIs improved in providing services to export-oriented SMEs in the IT&ITES sector.
  • Expanded business linkages and technical partnerships/collaborations.
  • Expanded business linkages and technical partnerships/collaborations.

We thought about this for long and we felt so grateful. Hostalite got more business to develop a mobile app and a directory for the NTF 111 project. And of course, Our C.E.O could not miss talking about his Best seller “I am not sorry for my Mistakes” which got an automatic recommendation to the I.T.C.

In his own words, the Hostalite C.E.O had this to say “I didn’t expect this to happen when I was commissioning the Hostalite team to develop the website at no cost, a confirmation to me that its more blessed to give than receive”