Hostalite LTD, East Africa’s leading web development and hosting company delivered a presentation of a new web portal developed for the National Agricultural Advisory Services (NAADS).

The event was held on Friday 11th August 2017 at Ridar Hotel, Seeta and presenting the website was Hostalite’s East Africa regional MD, Dickson Mushabe.
He spoke to an audience of heads of government departments, representatives or funding agencies and other ministry personnel. NAADS have commissioned the new website with the aim of designing a platform that represents the current strategic plan to their various stakeholders.

Hostalite’s East Africa regional MD, Dickson Mushabe presenting the Web Portal.

Hostalite’s East Africa regional MD, Dickson Mushabe presenting the Web Portal.

Modern website and web portal design standards adhered to.

With the client’s needs in mind, Hostalite have delivered a webs portal that communicates the organisation’s message clearly with information that is easy to read and digest. Mr. Mushabe pointed out that Hostalite has prioritised a great user experience in their design.

The basic principles of modern web design including clarity and consistency were followed. Navigation has been eased by using logical page hierarchies. Included in the grid based layout are various clickable buttons and an arrangement that offers a well arranged and overall, better looking site.

User engagement encouraged.

The portal uses several different media in presenting information including text, images, and video. It connects to the organisation’s various social media platforms which will ensure that the valuable information on the site is promoted effectively to reach a wider audience for our law essay writing services uk. This will also encourage users to engage with the site, communicating queries and receiving responses from the NAADS team.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) improved.
Hostalite’s development team have used tools that will ensure that the website shows up high on search engines. This means that NAADS stakeholders and other users will be able to find the site easily.

One of the ways the website achieves high search engine optimization (SEO), he emphasized, is through the use of footers. Footer links that connect between the various pages of the website will provide a boost to the site’s SEO ranking.

Responsive Theme.
The site uses a responsive theme which allows users of different devices to have the same satisfactory experience. One may view the website via their desktop computer, a laptop, a smart phone or iPad and the design will respond to whatever screen size it is being viewed on.

Mr. Mushabe concluded by committing Hostalite’s continued support to NAADS in ensuring that communication and engagement with their stakeholders is carried out effectively.