Outlook was originally designed and optimized to use Exchange email service. However Outlook can still be used with IMAP (and POP†) email service and do a very good job of managing email. But when deleting emails it adds a strike-through line to the deleted email.

When You Delete – It Doesn’t Mean Immediate DeleteHowever, one of the quirks of using Outlook with IMAP is when you attempt to delete an email it really isn’t deleted immediately when you press Delete. Nor is it actually moved to the Trash folder, what happens is the email is “marked for deletion” until you purge the folder.When using Outlook in the default view for IMAP account, the messages are displayed as grayed out and with a strike-through line and the email are still visible.

You basically have three choices to deal with this issue

  • Purge your inbox constantly
  • Live with the annoyance that lots of messages are deleted and showing with a line through them
  • Instruct Outlook to hind these messages and later purge them automatically when closing Outlook.

Lets Instruct Outlook to Hide the Deleted Messages

In Outlook 2007 | (similar in other versions of Outlook) do the following:


1) Select View > Current View > Hide Messages Marked for Deletion from the menu

Outlook 2007

2) Then go back to View > Reading Pane > So you can add the reading preview pane back the way you want it, select the desired pane Right | Bottom | Off

Outlook 2007