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Now Days, Content Management Systems (CMS) are the most popular solutions for web applications. These solutions empower clients to manage their websites themselves. All Content Management systems depend upon their usability for success, if a user is unable to perform the action without assistance the system has failed. We design CMS systems that are completely […]

At Hostalite, as the best web maintenance company, we offer Maintaining services, make sure your site is always updated and your Internet marketing campaign stays within budget. Our company offers affordable website maintenance, back-up and service redesign, content updates, support via telephone, e-mail, repair and alteration of existing web pages to keep your website updated. […]

Do you want to increase your sales and business growth with multidimensional activities? Modern web technologies have changed the way websites look and present their ideas. To keep up with that and changing web world, it is important to opt for website redesigning. Hostalite is a Web redesign Development Company in Uganda ¬†that has pioneered […]

Building a separate mobile version of a site can lead to a better user experience. The decision whether to build a responsive site or separate mobile version should be driven by return on investment. At Hostalite, the leading website design company in Uganda uses the latest technology to develop Responsive websites. ¬† Mobile Responsive web […]